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Understanding the API

YoSmart API is the application programming interface provided by YoSmart Cloud. With the YoSmart API, you can control and access the data of devices produced by YoSmart Inc and other products under YoLink brand.

Who can use the API

Our business partners and individual product users can use this API with the proper authentication credentials.

For Business Partners

We will provide CSID as authentication credentials to our business partners.

CSID allows you to access large-scale devices; You can also request access to devices from other individual users.

Please contact us to request a CSID


To access the device via CSID, you must have the access rights to the device first.

For Product Users

Individual product users can create UAC directly in the application as authentication credentials for the API.


You can only access the devices under the related account through the YoSmart API with UAC

How the API works

YoSmart API is the application access interface provided by YoSmart Cloud, accessed via the internet (required).

Data flow of the API๏ผš


API supports HTTP and MQTT to access it. The HTTP interface does not use the Restful specification, but uses the form of JSON RPC,to achieve the unification of DataPacket (BDDP,BUDP) under multiple data transfer protocols.

API access via HTTP


API access via MQTT


API Documentation Instructions


API Host (US)
BDDPBasic Downlink Data Packet;
BUDPBasic Uplink Data Packet;

Document Structure Description

ProtocolDescribes how the API interface is accessed
Methods - *Describes the functions supported by the API, where you can check the DataPacket for each function
Methods - AccountDescribes the DataPacket that manages the devices
Methods - YoLink DevicesDescribes the DataPacket that accesses the YoLink product
Methods - YoSmart DevicesDescribes the DataPacket that accesses the YoSmart SmartHome product

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